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Cancer Ras Family

The Ras family are a type of G proteins which are responsible for cell proliferation, a process which can, abnormally, lead to cancer formation and its metastasis.

The Ras are part of super family which number more than a hundred and are known as Small GTPpases, enzymes which hydrolyse GTP (Guanosine triphosphate) to form GDP. Small GTPpases regulate cell growth, differentiation and lipid vesicle transportation.

The process of metastasis is complex, requiring cell proliferation triggers, cell motility, apoptosis inhibition et al. The Ras oncogene is implicated in 30% of all cancers.

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Western blot - Ran antibody at a 1/500 dilution staining approximately 26kDa Ran in Xenopus egg extract (lane X, 50µg per lane) and HeLa total cell extract (lane Hu, 50µg per lane)
Primary Description:

Rabbit Anti-Ran

Product Reference Code: IQ245
Species Reactivity:

Human, Xenopus laevis




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